Installation Time #2

Jill came down yesterday with Jessie, her fabulous assistant, and installed her pieces in the pantry, dining room, main hallway, and front reading room.  Her work flows very naturally through the spaces, causing slight disruptions and disjunctures in places, and beautiful congruencies in others.  The afternoon light that floods the house illuminates her work wonderfully!

Jessie, Jill, and Meg think about where to put Remains.

Jessie, Jill, and Meg think about where to put Remains.

The biggest challenge was figuring out where to put “Remains,” a dramatic piece composed of all the wood shavings created by the making of the other works in Import-Export.  Jill talks about this work being the antithesis of the other pieces. To their grace, it’s awkward.  Where they are composed and restrained, it can appear to be on the verge of exploding or crumbling back into its thousands of tiny shaved parts.  To Jill, it is almost the hidden underbelly of the house and its stories, the parts that are lost/ignored in the creation of elegance.  At the same time, it is also a very sculptural piece that possesses its own aesthetic beauty.  For installation purposes, all of this meant that we needed to find a place where “Remains” doesn’t become too pretty, too domesticated, too dramatic, too sculptural, etc.  Because while Jill made it with idea of “hidden underbellies” in her mind, she did not have a narrative agenda that she was trying to fulfill through the piece.  It is tethered to certain histories, but the rope is long and quite elastic.

That said, we moved “Remains”  from the pantry to the reading room to the pantry to the reading room to the pantry to the reading room and so on.  We stared, we thought, we discussed, we pondered, we tossed around adjectives, we pondered some more. Finally we decided . . . come to the opening and find out where it is and how we made the decision!


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