We are a laboratory for Public Humanities, contribute!

It’s been a big couple of days at the Nightingale-Brown House! The exhibition opened on Tuesday, journalists visited and interviewed Jill and Carla, a class from RISD came to the house, we are guiding a tour for the Rhode Island Foundation, and Rosie and I are hosting a round table for the National Public History Conference. All of this in five days!

In our remarks at the opening, Rosie and I emphasized that the exhibition is also a laboratory for our discipline at Brown: Public Humanities. Our program, generally, is about how to make humanities disciplines accessible to the public. This exhibition has been structured to do just that, from the making of the artwork, to the elementary school visits, to one on one discussion with visitors. We want to fine tune how the exhibition can provoke deeper thought.

With that in mind- we invite you to give us feedback on the exhibition, the texts on this website, and if you visit the show, the interpretative materials available at the exhibition. If you want to know more about the house and the collections, let us know! If you are really curious or confused about a certain artwork, please be in touch! Comment on the blog or email us at artplushistory@yahoo.com.


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