Exhibition: From March 2008 – October 2009 the JNBC will host an exhibition of the work created for Art+History. In addition to an art exhibition, Art+History is also a laboratory for re-thinking historical house interpretation, suggesting a way that historic sites and arts organizations can incorporate new voices and audiences in the creation of narratives about shared pasts. To those ends the JNBC has conceived an interpretation program that targets children, teenagers, students, humanities professionals, and the general public. This programming includes lectures (fall 2008), a workshop series for young adults, the final exhibition, and elementary school tours.

Youth Workshop at New Urban Arts: Working with RISD’s Office of Public Engagement and New Urban Arts, Art+History offers a workshop series for learning about, discussing, and creating site-specific work.  Students compare different modes of producing historical narratives: an artwork, a written text, and a historical exhibition about slavery in Rhode Island.

Elementary School Tours: Providence Preservation Society and Art+History offers Rhode Island 4th and 5th graders tours of the Nightingale Brown House and the Art+History exhibition durning the spring of 2009.  PPSRI and the JNBC  provides a curriculum for teachers to use prior to and after their class visit to Art+History. The curriculum meets the visual arts, language arts, and social studies standards of the Rhode Island Department of Education.

Humanities Professionals Outreach: As part of the National Council on Public History’s annual convention in April, 2009, Art+History will offer a tour and round-table conversation about the exhibit, the interpretive methods it embraces, and the potential it suggests for future artist/historian collaborations.  In addition, a humanities research group with the Cogut Center, comprised of Brown and RISD professors, meet at regular intervals to discuss the themes of the project as they relate to each member’s humanities’ field.

Lunch Lectures: Each Art+History artist will present work-in-progress during a series of (fall 2008) lunch lectures.  These lunches seek to reveal the usefulness of art, and the process of making art, to learning about historic interpretation.



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